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What We Do

We deliver security training on-site and anywhere in the world no matter what the risk is


We train a range of groups from high level executives on executive travel through to teaching children as young as 8/9 on keeping safe "Stranger Danger". We particularly specialise in Security & Situational Awareness for 14/15/16 years olds just setting out on their chosen careers, ensuring they are well aware of the pit falls that they are likely to encounter on the streets. We are so dedicated in keeping everyone safe that we are trying to get Security & Situational Awareness added to the school curriculum by lobbying senior government ministers.


Security consultancy

We are dedicated to security and play an important role in significantly increasing security maturity of staff in organisations worldwide. We support employees and suppliers travelling to high-risk countries. We build strong security teams by hiring experts in our own high-risk locations. 

Writing emergency contingency plans

These could include:

  • Kidnap & Ransom

  • Bomb threat

  • Emergency evacuation

  • Crisis management

Corporate Training.jpeg
Michael Hawkes ton the Syrian border in 2004

After dinner speaking

Our after-dinner speaking is based on my new book that will be out at the end of the year about critical decision making and why we choose to make those decisions from life in the military specifically my commando and 22 SAS days, through to corporate security decision making worldwide, which could cost companies millions if that decision is not the correct one. 

“Keeley and Mick at Hawkes & Co, provided travel and situational awareness training for my colleagues and I who are required to travel internationally in the course of our duties.

The training was engaging, with examples from Mick's global military and civil experiences used to illustrate insightful and practical advice while busting some commonly held misbeliefs and fears.

Mick highlights the risks that are frequently overlooked when driving, using public transport, airports, car parks, and hotels, and the actions we can take to make ourselves aware, anticipate, and avoid the likelihood of becoming a victim while travelling.

When all else fails and confrontation is inevitable, knowing how to gain those valuable seconds to remove yourself is essential. Keely demonstrated a variety of practical breakaway techniques (to evade Mick's clutches) and gain those valuable seconds. These techniques can be used by anyone without previous martial arts or self-defence experience and I know Keely’s demonstration was really appreciated by some of my female colleagues.

Sadly, this training is a necessity in today’s world, and while this training was aimed at business travellers, the content is equally applicable in the context of family travel. Personally, I would have no hesitation in recommending this training to those who take the safety of their colleagues and families seriously."

Chris Barclay - Thales Group Limited Distribution

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