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Security Training

Introduction to Security and Situational Awareness (including Confrontation) Training


I have developed and delivered this hands-on, interactive programme and workshop for company personnel in some of the highest risk areas in the world which resulted in zero security incidents being recorded against staff worldwide. 

The purpose is to heighten the awareness of young people and women (from 15 years old) to the relevant violent crime related threats present on their streets and the measures available to counter those threats.

Prevention is far superior approach to dealing with the fallout of the increasing levels of violence on our streets. Arming our young people and women with improved capabilities to be aware of potential conflict and the capacity to avoid confrontation is invaluable. 

The training is suitable and accessible for all age groups from 15 upwards. It is a total of 90 minutes in duration and includes:

  • Security outline of the present and relevant dangers on the streets;

  • Personal security;

  • Situational Awareness and Mindset;

  • Looking and maintaining confidence;

  • Confrontation – identifying the 3 primary options available to young people and women, with specific reference to their personality type.

  • Security Advice

  • Q&A session


All options set out operate with the primary objective of avoiding violence. The personal benefits to participants of this training extend beyond these topics as young people and women will:

  • Gain self-awareness

  • Build self-confidence

  • Understand and identify their options

  • Learn new, effective skills

  • Calculate and assess potential risks

  • Adopt sensible precautions



This proposal fits comfortably within the Police and Crime Plan and the VAWG Strategy and, in particular, directly addresses the ‘Reducing and Preventing Violence’ priority. 


Why me?

I served for 24 years in the British Military, including 14 years in 22 SAS in Hereford. I’ve recently returned to the UK after 22 years leading corporate security worldwide where I worked with SBM Offshore (Dutch-based global group of companies selling systems and services to the offshore oil and gas industry), where I successfully achieved zero security incidents recorded against their staff operating worldwide in some of the most high-risk areas globally. 

As a parent of four I am acutely aware of the risks facing young people and women presently. The Security and Situational Awareness training, including managing confrontation, provides an effective, interactive, and easily adaptable programme available to young people, women and other at-risk groups in our communities. 


I would lead the training of ex-military and police personnel on this proven concept to ensure the delivery of these training sessions is conducted throughout the country to meet high quality and effectiveness standards. This training could be readily included in the current curriculum. 

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