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People need to be safe on our streets


The lifting of lockdown restrictions should been cause for celebration but alongside them has come a dramatic rise in violent crime on our streets and public transport. 

The Government and local authorities, including the London Mayor, have been throwing money at it but ‘it’s not working,’ Mick Hawkes, SAS veteran says. ‘Our aim must be an environment where everyone can be safe at all times.’ 

However, he says, according to the Government’s own figures, we are a long way from achieving that objective. In the meantime, people are being stabbed, assaulted and raped in places they should feel safe and secure. 

We all know people who have been attacked and nearly every woman we know carries her keys between her fingers for protection or has some other plan to keep herself safe. An evening out with friends, a late-night working should be something we can all do whenever we choose without giving it a second thought. Yet repeated surveys and polls show that women simply do not feel safe and they shouldn’t have to think about where they walk, what they dress in and what they will do when they are approached or someone tries to attack them. 

Hawkes, who spent 22 years in total in the military with 12 of those in the SAS, went on to be a global security manager keeping people safe in some of the world’s most dangerous places. His record is 0% incidents on his watch. It’s a record he is proud of. Just six months before he took on his security role 3 people were kidnapped by Nigerian pirates and one ended up dead, another with life altering injuries. 

He wants to bring his experience and the training he developed and delivered to the communities, universities, organisations, colleges, schools, and charities in the UK who want to keep those they are responsible for safe. His Situational Awareness, Security and Rape Prevention workshops cover:

  • Security outline of the present and relevant dangers on the streets;

  • Personal security;

  • Situational Awareness and Mindset;

  • Looking and maintaining confidence;

  • Defining Sexual Violence;

  • Confrontation – identifying the 3 primary options available to women and girls, with specific reference to their personality type.

  • Security Advice

  • Self Defence


‘I trained all four of my kids when they were 11,’ Mick says, and now my daughter, Keeley, works with me. She takes the lead on rape prevention. Some people aren’t comfortable with a burly, ex SAS with tattoos speaking to them about sexual assault and Keeley knows her stuff.’ 

After an unprecedented series of rapes in his home county of Hereford, Mick offered his services for free there. One of the organisations who took his offer up was a local college who wanted to ensure the safety of their team and students. 

‘Police are doing their best. I’ve worked with many police officers in my time and most of them are committed to keeping people safe, but they’re under pressure and pulled in so many directions these days.’ He works happily alongside the police to complement what they are doing to protect the public. They are, after all, on the same side. 

The training has been and can be further adapted for participants of any age. If you want to get Mick and Keeley to bring their training to your team, students, community or clients you can contact him 07929 233092 or

Talk to us about your security training needs
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